About pubg-gambler.com

Before you read this please understand one thing. I WILL BAN YOU IF YOU REQUEST OR ASK ABOUT MISSING ITEMS IN THE SHOUTBOX(CHAT)

Welcome, to the best place for ez items and ez life!

What is pubg-gambler?

This is a mini-game, where anyone put pubg items from PUBG.
What games are available at the moment?
At the moment, only Jackpot-lottery.
How does Jackpot-lottery work?

  • 1.Winning ticket system.

    2. If you add the nickname to the steam "pubg-gambler.com" and join our group and set it as primary. there will be no commission. otherwise upto 10% commission will be imposed!!

Everything is very simple:

You make a deposit of your items. (A maximum of 10 items per game). Then you get a definite chance to win. The more your items, the higher the chance of winning. Your chance of winning will depend on% declared a total amount of one game. Chances varie depending on the amount, which varies with the new investment. Once in game, we collect 50 items we select a random winner.

How it works:

The more and more items you bet, the greater the chance to hit the jackpot! But even putting $ 1, you have the opportunity to disrupt the entire jackpot!

Things to know:

Maximum attachment - 10 items per game. We limit the maximum bet amount and min bet which is shown on the top of the main page. For the development of the website, advertising and competitions held by the commission in the amount we like if you do no have pubg-gambler.com in your name so please use it and you will lose nothing. All investments are made and conclusions very quickly in automatic mode. If you play online, you accept the rules of conduct on the site. Before the game, make sure to open your inventory. The game lasts for 3 minutes or until the 100 items. Then, randomly, the winner will be chosen and our bot to send him the prize, holding the commission. Lottery CS: first thing to be read only by the COP: st. Prices are taken from our custom database. It is forbidden to put the souvenir items and gift sets for PUBG, such trades are canceled. You have the guarantee of getting your stuff for half an hour after the closing of the pool. After this time, we are not responsible for any lost items. If you canceled the exchange or sent a counter-proposal after the victory, then your stuff will not be returned to you as the bot is not designed to re-send things if you put in 30 seconds before the end of the match, it is possible that your items will fall to the next game . We do not assume responsibility for it, not always Steam handles exchanges correctly.

  • Q: Items came, but not all items after winning.

    A: The site takes a commission if you don't have pubg-gambler.com in your name.

  • Q: I cheated! They took alot more than i thought.

    A:The bot can make mistakes, afterall its a bot.

  • Q: My item didn't get counted what to do?

    A: All the delivered items are counted. If your item does not appear, do not worry. Write to the Help Desk site, and we will refund you! Please make sure you take pictures and get game number etc... and report to support thanks!

  • Q: I donated items and it fell into a different game.

    A: This happens often when the bot comes a lot of trades, we try to process them as quickly as possible, but sometimes do not have time to do it before the end of the game. Do not worry, your things will fall into the next game after a couple of seconds!

  • Q: You do not hack?

    A: We do not get the data from your account. Authorization server goes through Steam.